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Paulina Duque

Business Consultant

Paulina Duque

Paulina has over 10 years of experience in education and child development with a specific focus on children with neurological disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. She is passionate, results-driven, and emphasizes the importance of having a cohesive team structure and company culture to ensure business success.

Paulina received a Bachelor degree in Speech & Language Pathology from the University of Central Florida, FL, a Bachelor degree in Conductive Education from Adventist University of Health and Sciences, FL, and an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Valencia College, FL.

Through her unique education and practical experiences as a teacher in a small school setting, Paulina can provide a differentiated perspective to help businesses thrive. Paulina is a problem solver who believes that structure and effectively established and enforced company guidelines are crucial for business success. Specific to education, she is a passionate subject matter expert who knows both the operational and strategic needs to create a successful educational program. Her expertise includes optimizing classroom structures, designing lesson plans, effective staffing and recruiting in environments with lower levels, securing funding from donors or fundraisers, to growing customer basis or memberships.

Further, Paulina’s knowledge can be tremendous help for businesses in the areas of organizational behavior, from disability inclusion and adequate HR training, providing safe work environments for individuals with disabilities, to developing thriving company cultures and personal development plans.

Paulina is passionate about helping others, specifically children or individuals with disabilities or illnesses. She frequently volunteers for organizations such as the Conductive Education Center of Orlando, the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, A Gift for Teaching, or Give Kids the World.

Services Offered

  • Disability Inclusion & HR Training

  • Employee Training and Development

  • Performance Reviews and Goal Setting

  • Developing educational Lesson Plans

  • Analyzing and improving Organizational Cultures

  • Risk Management

  • Operations Management

  • Recruiting the right People for your Organization

Speaking Topics

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Creating a positive Company Culture

  • How to ensure your Classroom is set up for success

  • The 7 Pillars of Inclusion - How to create an inclusive work environment

  • Think outside the box – How to engage employees and customers

  • How to improve the socio-emotional development of children

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