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Establish Your Holistic Business with Christina Lynch | Building a Strong Holistic Business Part 1: Grounding Establish Your Holistic Business

Workshop Description: This class focuses on capturing the essence of your business concept. It will assist you in establishing the right foundation for your business by sharing with you, a) the type of business entities (partnerships, S-corporations, limited liability companies, etc.), b) filing and registration requirements on a federal and state level, c) insurance and business & personal liability, and d) utilizing strong business practices. 

Grounding: Establish Your Holistic Business can be taken individually or as a part of the full 6-part series: Building a Strong Holistic Business, designed to inform and coach participants in developing a solid plan for their initiatives or businesses. This course builds an understanding of the nuances in major areas of planning and executing a business idea. Students dive deeper into operating current business(es), with the option to write a strategic business plan. 


Tuition: $40 / Early Bird: $30 through April 6, 2023 

Platform: Live via Zoom accessed through Student Portal All registrants will receive the course recording and handouts, with access to materials for one year. 

Instructor: Christina Lynch. 

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