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Understand Basic Bookkeeping & Tax Practices with Christina Lynch | Building a Strong Holistic Business Part 3: Stemming Understand Basic Bookkeeping & Tax Practices

Workshop Description: In this class, we will review basic bookkeeping practices, how to record revenue and expenses, and tax planning strategies to reduce tax liability. 

Stemming: Understand Basic Bookkeeping and Tax Practices can be taken individually or as a part of the full 6-part series: Building a Strong Holistic Business, designed to inform and coach participants in developing a solid plan for their initiatives or businesses. This course builds an understanding of the nuances in major areas of planning and executing a business idea. Students dive deeper into operating current business(es), with the option to write a strategic business plan. 


Tuition: $40 / Early Bird: $30 through April 20, 2023  

Platform: Live via Zoom accessed through Student Portal All registrants will receive the course recording and handouts, with access to materials for one year. 

Instructor: Christina Lynch. 

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