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Business Plan Coaching

Business Plan

The Offering

Trydent Consulting is a holistic business resource offering services in management accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning & preparation, business planning, marketing and select legal services. Trydent is offering a business plan writing course to support current and aspiring entrepreneurs to solidify their goals and dreams. This course includes live group classes, individual coaching sessions and exclusive business resources with access to experts in accounting, finance, human resources, law, risk management and marketing.

The Details

The Business Plan Writing Course is a 14-week virtual course designed to coach current and aspiring entrepreneurs in developing a solid plan for their enterprises. Our experienced consultants help guide you as you write your business plan with intent and confidence. 


As a participant, you will receive:


*9 live, recorded group sessions outlining the primary

sections of a business plan*


*3 individual coaching sessions with a lead consultant*

*2 Q &A sessions to ensure clarity and guidance* 

*A dedicated lead consultant that will review, advise and provide suggestions on the writing of each section written throughout the course*

*An industry report to understand and reference the current trends and projections of the industry and market*

*Templates and guides to assist you in writing each section of your business plan*

*Full review of your final plan with custom tables and graphics to provide visuals to your written plan*


Making Notes
Business Meeting

the Investment

You cannot place a value on clarity and guidance. The course is filled with opportunities to dive deeper into monetizing and sustaining your passion and offerings to your customers.


This course holds a value of $4,000 when considering the content, materials and expertise available to you.


However, Trydent's focus on accessibility and representation for entrepreneurs and small businesses is the reason we are offering the course for a fraction of the cost. The two options for enrollment are:


One-Time Payment of $1,295


Four Monthly Payments of $350

Fine Print

This course is offered to coach participants through live, recorded group classes, individual coaching sessions and suggestions for writing a strong plan. With that, we want to ensure you understand the following:


*There is no guarantee of bank loans or investments.*

*There is no promise of specific results based on the contents of the plan.*

*There is no professional legal, finance, banking, or accounting advice given during this course. All communication is the personal opinion of the consultant.*

Signing Contract
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