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Welcome to the Trydent family! Thank you for trusting Trydent to be part of your team and journey towards your success. Our primary initiative is to support you and your passion, whether that's through consultation, administrative work or training. We're here to alleviate the stress associated with growing or managing your business, and be part of the mission for you to focus on your passion and purpose.


How can we best support you and nurture a life-long partnership?

With our newly established partnership, we will have the opportunity to not only work together, but build a relationship based on trust and transparency. The next steps to building our relationship include:

Young Business Owner


Establishing meetings, whether recurring or scheduled as needed, to review work completed or progress towards established goals.

Candle Store Owner


Understanding your current needs and developing a plan to meet those needs and future goals.

Buying Pottery


Providing information or documents as needed for your new partner, Trydent, to hit the ground running!

There are resources utilized by Trydent to remain in communication with you and protect your data. Our primary platforms utilized are:

Contact via phone at between the hours of 7AM - 9PM

Contact via email at 

Virtual Meetings via Zoom 

Smart Vault to ensure safe document storage

As we work together, we will create a system that works best for both parties and feels comfortable to you. If there is a system you utilize that can be integrated or adopted by Trydent to best support you, rest assured, flexibility is present at Trydent! 

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