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Entrepreneurship: The Tax Advantage for Financial Empowerment

Chief Executive Officer Shares Financial Empowerment on the Mommy Heal Thyself Podcast

In this episode, I introduce you to Christina Lynch.

Christina has spent more than 15 years of her career propelling small businesses and entrepreneurs forward in their industries. She has a notable track record for utilizing a flexible and non-judgmental approach with her clients and partners that has promoted the success of positive and profitable business affairs for every party involved.

Christina is the Chief Executive Officer of Trydent Consulting and has worked in and with over 200 businesses in a wide range of industries. Her passion is assisting and elevating small businesses through her expertise in accounting, human resources, and program management.

She received her Master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University. She received her Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Human Resource Management from Florida State University. Christina is a business consultant with the Small Business Development Center at FAMU, winning Regional Consultant of the Year in 2021. She was recognized as the 2022 Recent Achievement Alumni Award Recipient by the Florida State University College of Business, a 2023 Outstanding Alumni Award by the Florida State University Black Alumni Association and a 2023 finalist for Women Who Mean Business by Tallahassee Woman Magazine.

Today she speaks about:

Entrepreneurship and tax advantages for financial empowerment with a business consultant. (0:08)

Entrepreneurship, tax advantages, and planning for financial empowerment. (4:35)

Starting a business, including tax advantages and risk assessment. (10:57)

Tax planning strategies for business owners. (16:13)

Finding a reliable and knowledgeable tax strategist. (22:14)

Join me for this episode of Mommy Heal Thyself to learn how to gain the tax advantage for financial empowerment.


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