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Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association


Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association (FNIA) created the Greater Frenchtown’s Marketplace and Heritage Hub as a disadvantaged communities answer to the pressing issues of food access and economic opportunity. Frenchtown is Tallahassee’s oldest neighborhood, and has consistently struggled with poverty, food insecurity, and overall lack of economic mobility for decades. FNIA’s programs are being developed through public-private partnership as an anchor for revitalization, supporting Black-owned commerce, agriculture, and artistic expression.

Trydent Consulting is leading the efforts of educating farmers in the Big Bend area to provide educational, development, and business coaching opportunities through the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program grant.

1. Collaborate with FNIA to create branding strategy and outreach for the program.
2. Partner with the FNIA to identify Big Bend area farmers to participate in program.
3. Develop 15-20 workshops to educate participants.
4. Onboard all participants to program.
5. Teach workshops spanning a two-year period.
6. Establish a process to carry out individual consulting sessions with all participants.

This portion of the Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Program will consist of a series of 20+ interactional educational workshops focused on providing educational, development, and coaching opportunities to farmers in the greater Big Bend area to assist them in developing their agricultural business.

This program will be a hybrid model, with workshops taught over both Zoom and physical locations.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact Audrey McNair,

To register, click 'VISIT SITE' below:

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