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Brian Lynch

Lead Business Consultant

Brian Lynch holds a strong background in Finance, Management and process optimization. He is a graduate from the University of Central Florida where he received his bachelor’s in Finance. Brian has 8 years of experience in the Financial Services and Tourism industries. He began his career specializing in personal finance supporting a Fortune 500 insurance company then transitioned into a customer-facing role with one of the nation’s largest banks.

Brian is a dedicated leader who excels at using proven methods and technology to cut costs, streamline operations, and increase productivity to maximize organizational effectiveness and profitability.

In his experience, Brian has gained valuable knowledge helping large organizations identify key areas of opportunities through analytics, process improvement and development of personnel. Brian played a role to help grow his organization grow from <$1B to over $2B dollars. This was achieved through growing the current market share as well as assist in key acquisitions.

Brian has always shown great initiative to determine new opportunities with empathy and efficiency. He understands how to focus on the customer and is able to understand issues and process improvements from the perspective of others while still driving bottom line results.

Brian Lynch

Services Offered

Strategic business planning
Cost Reduction Analysis
World Class Customer Service Training
Product Analysis and Development
Vendor Relationship Management
Standard Operating Procedures Optimization
Culture Development

Speaking Topics

Data Analysis
Financial Analysis
Personal Finance
SOP Process Improvement
Career Development
Motivational Speaking
Strategic Management
Culture Building

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